Weird Ass Kids was conceived in the early 2000’s after a coliseum party in Madison. A group of friends set out to have a good time only to have it marred with bad vibes and shitty people. The group of friends went to an after-party at an Asian restaurant following the event.  It was during this after-party that the only fun of the evening occurred. Once we all got back to La Crosse we sat down and thought about what separated the after-party from the main event. After much deliberation, we realized it wasn’t all about seeing the biggest names, or being at the biggest show. It was about getting together and having a great time. For whatever reason, towards the end of the massive party era in the midwest – it had become almost impossible to have a good time at a huge show. (Milehigh, Plantation, Etc)

What needed to happen suddenly had become clear; we needed to start putting on small events with close friends and spreading the word of these events only to other good people. We had already been collecting gear, producing, and mixing music for awhile. It just seemed obvious that it was time for us to step up. We started brainstorming ideas after the last coliseum event  (without sleeping yet) and some of the ideas were so off the wall it reminded us of how weird we actually were/are. The perfect name then became apparent! WEIRD ASS KIDS!

The goal of the Weird team is to provide a safe and free environment. A place where it is okay to dance like a fool and not care. Our events are not about your looks, dancing abilities, clothes. They are about having a good time and forgetting all the bullshit that life can bring your way.

Please take the time to check us out, you won’t be disappointed.


Founding Members:

Clicker, Jesse, Josh, Leaf, Tina

New Team Member(s):