The BASSMent Series Episode 3!

The BASSMent Series Episode 3!

  • Location:La Crosse, Wisconsin
  • Venue:John's Bar
  • Length:10:00 pm – 02:00 am

The BASSment Series Episode 3!

March 23rd, 2013
John’s Bar BASSment
109 3rd St N
La Crosse, WI 54601

We would like to thank all the down ass La Crosse kids for making this a possiblity! Let’s make this one the best yet! Please do your part and share this event with awesome people! Thanks everyone!

SECRET | TECHNO | Minneapolis
Secret AKA Patrick Berry has been an avid part of the electronic scene for years! He is one of the few that cares more about spreading the music and the lifestyle than money and fame. He is committed to spreading love and awesome music. WAK are very proud to bring this man to La Crosse!

(Article from the City Pages)
Electronic music has always found a home in unconventional venues. By 2009, the lofts, warehouses, and ice arenas we used to dance in until 8 a.m. exist almost exclusively as memories. Although a big-name artist can still pack a club, the electronic music scene in 2009 just isn’t what it was in 2002 — this city just doesn’t attract those kinds of DJs and producers as frequently. This strains local DJs and aspiring producers, because when it’s harder to get crowd exposure, fewer people become interested. It hurts things from the ground up.

Enter local artists like Patrick Berry and Kyle Holman. Working together, they host Nu Paradigm, a weekly night of all-local artists. Their night was first at Galactic Pizza in uptown, and when it outgrew the space, they moved on to Market Barbecue off Nicollet and 14th, right around the corner from electronic music shop Vital Vinyl. Both Berry and Holman are veterans of the local scene, and their night fits their ethos: no frills, just music, with little to no preference towards genres or affiliations (and did we mention there’s good barbeque?).

“I felt there was a local underground dance scene that needed a place to go, and nobody else was stepping up to the plate,” says Berry. “The conventional club scene is lacking support for locals who have an underground sound, and we felt that this needed to be a no-frills event that favored love over money in order to thrive.” Holman echoes the same sentiment: “We do this because we enjoy the music that Minneapolis artists make and play. The promoting is hard work, but everyone having a great time makes it all worthwhile, each and every week.”

Although it’s fun to see big names play music, local artists are and always have been the backbone of the Twin Cities scene. So, this Friday, January 9th, see local artists Kendall Station and Heckadecimal performing straight from drum machines and synthesizers, a rarity in today’s world of laptop DJs and producers. DJs include Adam Sterling from Chicago and Nu Paradigm’s own Berry.

Techno beats and barbeque. Now that’s a proposition.

We don’t have BBQ but we have a great local scene! Please stop out and show this man some love!

D3CiB3L | DNB | La Crosse



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