Chad Neiro – Never Again (Complicit remix) [preview]

Chad Neiro – Never Again (Complicit remix) [preview]


May 14th, 2014

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Com·plic·it :: [kuhm-plis-it] :: adjective :: choosing to be involved in a questionable act, especially with others … Complicit is an exploration of modern techno, one fueled by the combined creative force of Tanya and Travis Norman. Tastemakers. Musicians. DJ’s. Sound designers. Proponents of that classic and pure spirit of the underground – where an element of risk and a common desire can draw a dance floor together into a shared experience, each member aware of their ‘complicity’ in creating the reality of the night. Based out of Minneapolis and now making frequent trips throughout the US, the pair have steadily built a reputation for high energy performances (both DJ & LIVE PA) that leave fans ecstatically wondering what hit them and eager for more. The past 5 years of collaboration have seen them release well received EP’s and remixes on Aerotek, JQM, Innerflight, and Subspec, and they show no sign of slowing down in 2014…


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