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January 6th, 2012

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Jungle Asylum – Jungle / Drum And Bass

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New York City native Scotty Tarantino grew up in Brooklyn. And from a very early age began sneaking into clubs and attending raves, back then he had a love for frankie bones as did all kids growing up who were old enough to know what the factory tapes were.

It wasn’t until 1997 he attended his first konkrete jungle show at coney island high, there was no turning back…addicted to this style of music that broke away fomr the creative reastraints of the typical 4×4 he found his creative freedom between the kick and the snare.

In 1998 he sold off his comic book collection to buy his first set of decks and began spinning everything and anything he could get his hands on. From house, breaks, hip hop and jungle and drum n’ bass.

In 2004 he had moved to Milwaukee, WI for personal reasons, and began to play shows there with friend crisco disco and vader on a Monday night at milwaukees premiere dance club “3” at first he was playing hard house and then one night crisco dropped a few jungle tunes into his set, after asking if next week he could play some jungle, crisco agreed.

From that point on Scotty (kidwick3d at the time) had gained two of his own residencies one at 3 the other at room 434 with nolan scott. As well as sharing a ladies night with jonn hawley on weds at 3 (for one night a month they switched it up and the drum heads got to have their fun)

A few months after this had begun, he began to plan his first show on his own and who did he book? None other than the pioneer of drum n bass in america dj db (break beat science) the show was a resounding success and cemented his spot at three and in milwaukee as a whole.

Since then he has opened for and spun alongside quite a few names phantom 45, danny the wildchild and unknown error to name just a few.

In 2007 the konkrete jungle NYC approached him to found the MKE chapter which had its first party in Dec of 07 and under his guidance it became the best dnb night in mke hands down. In 2009 he stepped away to give a focused approach to producing, the results are soon to be released on itunes and beatport.

Jungle asylum -cold by jungle asylum

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